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Project: Acquisition of Circular Behaviour in Elementary Schools
Project No: 2022-1-CZ01-KA220-SCH-000088191

The ACCESS projet aspires to instill circular behavior in educational institutions by employing innovative digital methods that harness the capabilities of personal digital devices. The primary objective of the project will be realized through specific goals:

Establishment and promotion of a professional network in environmental education.
Development of tools for school teachers to nurture environmental skills in students.
Provision of guidance and tools to educators for the application of circular behavior in schools.
Dissemination of project results within partners’ professional networks.

To achieve these objectives, the project will produce tangible outputs in the form of products and other outcomes:

Tangible Outputs (Products):

Circular behavior micro-lessons.
Circular behavior microcertificate.
Guide for teachers: a comprehensive, step-by-step manual for implementing and utilizing circular behavior micro-lessons and certificates.
Circular behavior training forum.

Other Outputs (Immediate Results):

24 trainers/teachers enhancing their teaching/training skills.
Increased awareness among more than 24 individuals (managers/teachers involved in project activities) regarding the potential and benefits of circular behavior micro-lessons.
Enhanced environmental competence of over 24 teachers in school education.
Improved environmental competence of over 300 pupils.

Outcomes (Short-Term Effects):

Increased effectiveness of newly trained teachers/trainers in school instruction.
Improved curricula and teaching methods in partner organizations.
Participation in other projects within the new partner network.

Impacts (Long-Term Results):

Improved response of schools to the urgent challenges of climate change.
Enhancement of the overall quality of teaching and learning in partner organizations, bolstering their reputation.
Broadened opportunities for participation in other international projects and networks.

Stay tuned for more!

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