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Networking approaches for cooperative developments

AdM collaborates with local authorities, such as Lazio Region, Municipalities, public universities in Rome, with several Natural Parks of Lazio Region, with the Ministry of Culture and with more than 40 schools and education centers in various fields, such as adult education, VET, culture, cultural heritage, tourism, entrepreneurship, fundraising, marketing planning, ICT, new media and traditional communication, international cooperation.

AdM, thanks to the educational skills of some associates, has carried out during the last 25 years about 3000 qualitative interviews on different topics, with an anthropological approach, that have reflected psychological and oral history elements mixed to a socio and a storytelling anthropological dimension. AdM has been active since 2011 in several projects concerning digitalisation and innovation in the adult education and VET sectors, some of which addressed issues related to the social and economic European crisis, or to social and rural entrepreneurship, and were implemented in collaboration with social and innovative enterprises. It is a particularly active partner in projects dedicated to the support of educators and teachers/ trainers at national and European level.

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