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Archivio della Memoria develops historical, anthropological, sociological, educational and environmental research activities in the social, educational and cultural fields, to bring to light documents and give value to local culture, traditions and knowledge. 

Also a multi disciplinary research approach is used during the implementation of the EU projects on School, Vet, Youth, Adult and Higher Education.

This approach involves integrating insights, methodologies, and perspectives from various fields such as education, psychology, sociology, economics, and policy studies. By drawing on diverse disciplines, EU projects on education can address complex challenges more comprehensively and develop more robust solutions.

By bringing together experts from different disciplines, the EU projects developed by ADM and its consortium, can benefit from a richer understanding of the issues at hand, leading to more holistic and effective approaches to improving education outcomes across Europe. 

Additionally, interdisciplinary collaboration can foster innovation and creativity, enabling the development of novel solutions that may not have been possible within a single disciplinary framework.

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