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Archivio della Memoria is also active in the Education and Training sector, particularly within Erasmus+ projects, a program initiated by the European Union to enhance the quality and relevance of education and training across Europe.

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage in international cooperation, exchange, and mobility. AdM’s initiatives within Erasmus+ projects are designed to achieve various objectives, including enhancing mobility, strengthening cooperation, promoting innovation, capacity building, and supporting policy development.

In collaboration with educational institutions and stakeholders across Europe, AdM fosters mobility opportunities for students, teachers, trainers, and education professionals. It also collaborates on joint projects, partnerships, and networks to share best practices, develop innovative approaches, and address common challenges in education and training.

Archivio della Memoria supports innovation in education and training by funding projects that explore new teaching and learning methods, tools, and technologies. It invests in the professional development of educators, trainers, and staff. This may include capacity building, training courses, workshops, seminars, and other learning activities aimed at enhancing the skills, competencies, and expertise of individuals involved in the delivery of education and training.

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