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The Project

The project

L’Archivio della Memoria is a non-profit cultural organisation set up in May 2002 and based in Rome, Italy. It specialises in carrying out social, historical, anthropological and market research with the creation of highly innovative multimedia supports on behalf of universities, public and private bodies.

The office is located at the University of Tor Vergata with which the AdM actively collaborates on various training projects and some territorial projects.

Archivio della Memoria avails itself of researchers specialised in various sectors to carry out research on cultural, social and traditional realities in Italy and abroad. In addition to full-time collaborators, the AdM also has a number of occasional collaborators who provide their specific expertise according to the projects in progress.

AdM carries out intensive anthropological, sociological and historical research to document, recover and enhance the value of cultures, traditions, local knowledge and realities at greater risk of marginalisation and poverty. It therefore carries out research that uses the words of those interviewed to describe the individual and the community at the centre of the historical-environmental context in which they live.

Travelling through the memories of men, women, young people and the elderly, of companies and local authorities, of organisations linked to scientific and social research and international cooperation, using video interviews, photographs, letters and texts to retrace historical events, personal stories and whatever else the memory of each of us can reconstruct, is no longer an option today, but a real commitment to protect cultural identities and cultural, social and scientific evidence that risks being forgotten or ignored day after day.

AdM Archivio della Memoria Via Ufente 11, 00198 Rome, Italy Tel 0672594111/4022 – Fax 0672594783 e-mail:
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