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SEDETT Educational Resources for Social Enterprise Development

The learning resources in SEDETT are structured to consist of a set of three learning modules that each have a written module text and an example of a training workshop that has been drawn from the module text.  The three modules are :-

  • Social enterprise, its concepts, forms and governance  (Module 1)
  • Leadership, human resources and operational management in social enterprise (Module 2)
  • Finance, revenue generation, networking and capacity assessment (Module 3)

The written text for each module is structured to provide an index listing each sub-unit of material within the module, the module aims and the approach taken to generate the material.

The core written material in the module texts reflect the real life experiences of the social enterprise actors interviewed from the case study organisations that contributed to the SEDETT project.

Module 1 – Social Enterprise Concepts, Forms and Governance 

Module 2 – Leadership, Human Resources and Operational Management in Social Enterprise

Module 3 – Finance, Revenue Generation, Networking and Capacity Assessment

Also there are files that contain background descriptive information about the project case study organisations, social enterprise definitions, business models in-use and some country specific information on the governance of social enterprises. This written material is supplemented with short video clips of the social enterprise actors interviewed as part of the SEDETT project. This learning resource can be used to enhance course learning materials and create real life case study information. This base material is contained in files called,

  • Project Case Study Base Material and
  • Video clips

See all the material on the project website

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