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Tor Vergata Tv, the digital television of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The project, launched in June 2007 by the Rector and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and supported by all the Deans of the six Faculties, was conceived and implemented by the Archivio della Memoria (AdM), an internal structure of the University, which manages its activities and coordinates its production.

Torvergata TV can be found on the web

It is aimed at an audience of students, lecturers, researchers and employees in the technical and administrative sector of the Campus and, more generally, at all internet users.

Using Tor Vergata TV is simple, just choose from its wide range of offerings:

  • a video section that can be viewed live via a weekly schedule and on demand via a wide range of thematic areas;
  • a textual section through which to be constantly updated on the University’s educational, cultural and didactic offerings (campus news), to explore topics of scientific, economic, cultural, artistic, philosophical, historical, social interest, etc., to view the opportunities provided by public notices, competitions, scholarships/research grants, job offers ( calls);
  • an interactive section that will allow users to communicate through blogs and forums organised by thematic areas and video uploads.
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