Tsemy project’s third newsletter

Tsemy project's third newsletter

Education and experience may qualify you to apply for a job, but to be successful in most jobs you need skills that you are likely to acquire over time. Some of these are specific to professions, but most are so-called ‘soft skills’ that can be used in any job or sector.

These soft skills are ’employability skills’: they are the skills that make a person employable.Although employability has become a familiar concept in the context of higher education, there does not seem to be a common definition.

However, the prevailing approach to improving graduate employability is often based on the assumption that employability is defined as the ability to acquire the skills and competences needed to find and keep a job and, if necessary, to get a new one. To help young people find their way through the maze of employment, we have prepared a training programme that reinforces the skills they need to succeed in the labour market.