Kick-off meeting PESEs

Summary of the new project PESEs

The damaging effects that humans have on the environment has been shown and proven over and over. In fact, the recent coronavirus pandemic has clearly demonstrated how well our environment does when human destructive activity is reduced. Despite the obvious negative consequences of COVID, a clear positive side-effect was that most people became aware of how we are all interconnected. Especially with nature. As countries try to open up again, it is the perfect time to reconsider the importance of addressing global environmental issues. One of the main pillars of our society is education. It is, in fact, within the educational system that changes can be made in order to approach environmental sustainability, through tangible changes. Our project, PESEs, aims at raising awareness on important environmental issues that need to be addressed. It aims to have a ripple effect, where students who take part in our project continue the process of educating their families and friends.