ComEnt Project


The ComEnt project aims at developing a blended learning educational programme and associated teaching / learning resources for higher education institutions; accrediting agencies; and social entrepreneurs / innovators on the innovative topic of community enterprise development. The fostering of community-led and community owned enterprises promotes civic engagement. The knowledge, skillsets and competencies acquired through this initiative will enable university graduates and social innovators to empower marginalised groups and disadvantaged locations. This provides the capacity to create wealth and promote social inclusion, particularly for those who have been less successful in engaging with the dominant neo-liberal and capitalist market system. The ComEnt project defines a community enterprise as an organisation owned and managed by the community, whose mission and vison are centred on serving individuals from a defined geographical area (predominantly disadvantaged locations) and / or communities of interest (predominantly marginalised groups in society). This makes community enterprises a distinct group within the wider social enterprise sector, not only trading for social purposes but reinvesting any profits in ways that provide benefits to a particular community.