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Progetti Europei

BeE – Be(coming) European



‘BeE – Be(coming) European’ is a EU-funded project which deals with challenges and opportunities of basic education for adults. Important questions that are addressed during the lifetime of the project are: How can basic education be defined, which learning and teaching approaches are successful, how can (disadvantaged) learners be motivated to participate in courses and to learn autonomously, which specific challenges are teachers facing in basic education …?


Europe job bank



The project concentrates on fostering the dialogue between VET and work life to respond to the needs of employers, especially in terms of skills to be gained by students/future employees during their time in school. Project partners from VET schools, NGOs, labour market and guidance centers take part in this survey-based project in order to support transparency of VET and they believe that the project objectives are crucial to improve the employability in EU (as it is stated at Bruges Communiqué for enhanced EU Cooperation).





The FotoMemoria project, funded under the European program "Grundtvig Learning Partnerships" from October 2007 to July 2009, aims to help young people and adults to collect photographs and personal stories, and share their memories online.


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